Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sleep Light

After the success of my first modified Peanut Swaddler (thank you, Toni, for the fabulous free pattern!), I knew I'd need at least one more. At this point, a load of laundry can't make it through the washer and dryer before it's time for another nap! Scout ends up kind of sweaty with the extra knit layer (though it will probably be perfect for winter), so I used some stash double gauze from JoAnn's for a lighter, cooler version of the swaddler. 

I used the same modified pattern as before (with the extended arm area and additional leg length/room), but enlarged it even more to account for the lack of stretch.

Rather than have either fraying or serged seam allowance on the inside, I sewed it wrong sides together and then bound the edge with a thin cotton bias strip. 

Again, I am totally in love with the 2-way zipper! This one feature blue pulls, because I used the white pull that belongs to this zipper tape on my other sleep sack, and the only other zippers I had in my stash with pulls that would work were both blue. I extended the zipper all the way to the end of the sack (the pattern calls for stopping it before the bottom), stitched over it when I sewed the front and back together, and then bound the edge in bias tape. I then did the same for the neck edge.

 Considering how simple and inexpensive these are, I'm glad I resisted the impulse to shell out for a "real" swaddle/sleep sack (it's amazing how many reviews on Amazon started with "I purchased this in the middle of the night out of desperation!"). Even counting the original cost of the stash materials, the knit sleep sack cost less than $3, and this one cost less than $5. They're also a cinch to make, partly because design and construction are simple, and partly because I'm not as concerned about the final appearance of something that will only be used while Scout is sleeping.

And considering how well they are working, I'm also glad I gave them a shot! I've never had a baby sleep over 7 hours a night at 7 weeks old before (I usually wake up in the morning before he does!), and while that may be partly due to a number of factors (white noise machine, bigger/gestationally older baby, and actually sticking to a [flexible] schedule better than with my other babies), I'm convinced the sleep sacks have contributed.

I love it when a project is immediately useful! Though when I look at the rolls (upon rolls!) in that picture of Scout, I have a feeling I'll be making these a size up shortly...


  1. I love that sweet little owl fabric! I made sleep sacks for my little girl. She actual was wearing her sleep sack up until she was almost two! The sleep sack prevented her from jumping out of her crib, which she sometimes did when not wearing the sleep sack.

    1. Sarah,

      Whoever invented the sleep sack deserves some kind of award, in my opinion. :-)

      I love that fabric, too! I made several burp cloths for Laddie a few years ago, but had quite a bit of it left. I think I should have enough for at least one more sleep sack!

      Thanks for stopping by!



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