Monday, March 12, 2018


It's a never-ending quest -- pants big enough to fit my extra-large baby and his even larger cloth-diapered bum! Poor Scout has been squished into his trousers on more than one occasion. Quite honestly, even without the cloth diapers, his rolly polly thighs make the whole pants thing quite a challenge. And even if I get him into his pants, the waistband rarely makes it up over his diaper!

Happily, roomy pants (usually the European harem variety) have been gaining in popularity. Unhappily, they are generally sold by higher-end retailers. And that's where some wrapping paper, a few measurements, and a sewing machine come into play.

If I had it to do again, I'd have placed the (totally unnecessary) pocket a little higher. Live and learn!)

Some fawn-colored corduroy with a bit of stretch (purchased for another project but no longer needed) seemed just right, so I set to work drafting a pattern -- for the record, there are a number of free or inexpensive harem pants patterns on the Interwebs, but most are for knit fabrics. Besides, where's the fun in having a pattern all ready to go?! Okay, there is a certain appeal to that...

The pattern didn't take long, though, and the whole project came together quite quickly. They were a bit long at first (I tend to overestimate, because I'm terrified of making something that's too small!), but he's grown into them a bit since these photos were taken.

I don't know if Scout appreciates the extra room, but they seem like they'd be more comfortable! I love the baby wale corduroy, too -- soft, but still a bit structured.

I've got some dungarees from a recycled men's sweater underway, and I suppose I should finish those up before the weather turns warm!

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