Monday, April 09, 2018

Hello, I'm New Here

We planted more daffodil bulbs last fall, and now we're enjoying the "consequences." From a mixed bag at the local home store, we've had some yellow-and-orange blooms, and, best of all, these gorgeous double-bloom beauties:

I've had a long-term love affair with daffodils, but the double-blooms make my heart skip a beat. Gardening had never really been a passion of mine, but the more I pursue it here in Virginia, the more I love it. There is wonder and delight in "possessing" such beauty! Now I just need my gardening skills to match my enthusiasm.

Fortunately, I don't have to grow everything -- the local nature trails are a year-round hub of growth. Like this little Mayapple, with its umbrella canopy still furled:

One day it will look like this, but not yet. I've seen wisteria here and there, so I suspect it's time to visit the trails again -- there's always a glorious display in the spring, and somehow I missed it last year!

Also new here, Opal apples. These gorgeous golden beauties from New Zealand were waiting for us at the grocery store. I don't usually fall prey to "fancy" (read: expensive) fruit, but these were under $1 per pound for some incomprehensible reason. They turned out to be some of the best apples we've ever had. I wish I'd bought all of them!

This is new, too -- a $2 find at the thrift store. It's a hideous skirt (in my humble opinion), but it's all leather! Four different colors of leather (and the "white" has a pearly, silvery finish), which will be perfect for baby shoes and what-not.

And last but not least, I had a "moment" and gave in to a long-term urge to buy wool from Wool and the Gang (50% sale + $15 off first purchase = Too much to resist). I think because of the name? I'm similarly tempted to buy wool made by Hedgehog Fibres, for no better reason than my love for their moniker! In my defense, I would never buy wool I didn't like just because of the name. Anyways, the perfect sale and the perfect sweater pattern converged, and now my "personal spending" budget is a little diminished. But no regrets here -- the wool (Sugar Baby Alpaca) is a sheer delight, and it came packaged in a branded paper bag sealed with a sticker. If only it were as easy to make a sweater as it is to purchase the materials...

That's what's new around here! The weather has been toying with us -- short sleeves and brilliant sunshine one day, cold drizzle the next -- but the birds and the flowers and the hints of green everywhere lend a hopeful aura, even on the chilliest days. Wishing some sunshine your way today!


  1. Those double-bloom daffodils are just beautiful! Virginia seems like it would be a wonderful place to do gardening....and just the thought of wisteria makes me go weak in the knees :) (and I'm pretty much not a gardener at all).

    You've scored wonderfully on the thrift store leather skirt!!! I remember you have done baby shoes before...would you mind sharing the pattern that you use again?

    Thanks so much, and enjoy your spring blooms!


    1. Krista,

      Even our limited gardening successes last year have intoxicated me a bit, and I'm determined to do even better this year! My grandmother and father both had/have green thumbs, so surely I've inherited a bit of that?! Here's hoping... ;-)

      I've used several patterns over the years, but my go-to for the simple Robeez style shoes is Darling Diapers:

      They have a wide range of sizes (may run a bit large if I remember correctly?). It's designed for fabric, so I usually modify it a bit when using leather because I don't have to worry about raw edges. But it could be used as-is for leather, too. The other pattern I love for girls is this one, from Etsy:

      Thanks for your kind words, and for stopping by! :-)



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