Thursday, June 14, 2018

Not My Tova

I recently saw pre-release pictures of the Brome Dress & Top by Fancy Tiger Crafts in my Pinterest feed, and fell in love instantly (especially the maxi dress version). The button placket makes it suitable for nursing, which is a huge plus! 

But, I had two small problems -- the pattern hadn't been released yet (no instant gratification), and the price for the pattern (even in PDF) seemed a bit high... especially considering I already own a very similar pattern, Wiksten's Tova. In fact, the title of this post is a play on a post from 2014, when I sewed my very first Tova (Tova, My Tova). 

Truly, this is Not My Tova. And yet, it is... 

The patterns are so similar in design, that I opted to modify my Tova to look like the Brome! Front and back yokes, a placket (I've added a placket to the Tova before), a new collar, and done. The modification process was pretty simple, all things considered. But I was nervous enough that I didn't want to cut into the lovely brown linen I had, purchased with a gift card from my mum. So I pulled out some Charley Harper voile from the Nurture collection -- Feathers in Brown. I purchased it from Fabricworm ages ago and it was quite a steal for Birch fabric ($6.60 a yard instead of the normal $16.50!). I was a bit naughty because I didn't have a project planned for it, but I've been wanting to try voile for ages, and I've also loved that particular print for ages. The voile is lovely, though prone to wrinkling. I also decided to go with a tunic, because it's sheer enough that I was worried about "visibility."

I kind of suspected that I was making my yoke too short, but I also don't like yokes that come down too far on the chest. In the end, it totally works -- but I'll be lowering the neckline and the yokeline on the next one.

The placket mostly worked! The fabric wrinkles oddly at the bottom, but it's not very visible, especially with the self-fabric belt.

This summer I'm breaking out a pair of Kinos! Kino Sandals is a small, family owned company in Key West, FL. I remember visiting their tiny factory as a child while my dad was stationed on the Naval base there. I'd forgotten about them until a year or two ago, when my mom mentioned them in a conversation. My summer sandals wore out last year, so this spring I called Kinos and ordered a pair. Yes, they make them custom (it's only a few additional dollars, and their sandals are very reasonably priced), and I was able to get a pair in the color I wanted with no heel riser attached -- I like my shoes very flat. I have the Mercedes style, and Rosa has two pairs (different sizes) of the same style for children. Her pair from last year is holding up amazingly well, and she'll outgrow them before she wears them out (they are her only summer sandals, so she wears them a lot). If you love Saltwater sandals but don't love the price, Kinos might be worth a try! And I'm not an affiliate in any way, I just love their company and their shoes.

So there you have it -- A sorta kinda Brome? I'd been wanting a light, airy tunic or top for summer, and this project has checked that box! I'm eager to try this as a maxi, though I wonder if I would need to modify the skirt to provide enough leg room. If I do try it, you can be pretty sure it will end up here sooner... or later. *wink*


  1. Hi Shannon! What a beautiful dress! I love it. Your alterations are great.
    As for your previous post... hang in there. My mother always says that everything will pass and then someday we will be back to sleeping long nights. Whenever I´m extremely tired and have the feeling i can´t do *anything* (you know, such as taking a shower on my own. Why is the bathroom always full of Little people???) I think about my grandparents. They were very busy raising a family and now, 91 and 89 years old, they have plenty of time in their hands to rest, take walks and visit (they are in excellent health!). Sleep will come. Lets enjoy this season of life :-)

    1. Elena,

      Thanks for the kind words! It's getting quite hot here in Virginia, so I'm glad I have something so lightweight to wear!

      Your mother sounds like a wise woman! :-) I really am blessed with good sleepers, but when my husband's and children's schedules clash... It is hard to be patient, but I also know I will really miss my children when they are gone and I have lots of time on my hands! So I'll try to enjoy this season of life along with you. :-)



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