Tuesday, September 25, 2018

We Meet Again

I've made another Tova. I know, surprise, surprise! This is my 4th, though I've only made one exactly according to the pattern. I decided to try again on an angled placket -- I tried on my chambray Tova last year, but it was a decided failure (fortunately, one I was able to rescue!). I still love that chambray Tova, and wear it regularly, by the way. I can't say enough good things about the fabric, which has worn beautifully (in other words, it doesn't look "worn" at all!), hides stains well, and is as soft and comfy as ever.

But on to the present! I'd been drooling over the Birch Organics Chambray in Coral for a while. After all, Birch Organics is probably my favorite fabric company, chambray is one of my favorite fabrics, and coral is one of my favorite clothing colors! When it finally went on sale, I bought enough for a Tova.

In order for a garment to be truly wearable for me in this stage of life, it must be two of the following three: maternity friendly, postpartum friendly, or nursing friendly (hence the placket). And easy to layer is always a plus! Making note of what went wrong with the placket last time, I made my modifications. Then, with fingers crossed, I cut into my fabric. Do you have any idea how hard it is to cut out a pattern with your fingers crossed? I don't recommend it. *wink* 

The placket worked! It was very, very fiddly at the bottom (I always hate figuring out that bit), but in the end I gritted my teeth and made it through. 

I finished the armholes with self-drafted facings (drafting your own armhole facing is super easy!), which is how I finish all of my Tovas these days. I do love the sleeve, but it makes layering harder.

I do love this tunic! It is lightweight and airy, and has been perfect for summer. The chambray is gorgeously soft, and I love the color -- it's more on the pink side of coral, for those who might be wondering. The perfect summer staple!

We meet again, Tova. And not for the last time, if history repeats intself...

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