Saturday, August 01, 2020

Regency Reveries

When I first spotted the Fairfax reticule by Anne Gilmour, I knew I wanted to make one -- after all, it combines my love of Jane Austen and Regency fashion in one tidy little package (quite literally!). I snagged three skeins of Bremont Victoria in "mauve" for a fraction of the usual cost back in September and tucked them away. Enough yarn for two, because I though it would make the perfect gift for my kindred-spirit-of-a-sister.

It's a good thing I bought three skeins, because my yarn was so light that I had to hold it double! I ended up with very little left over, which suits me just fine. The alpaca/silk blend was lovely to work with, and I do love a good lace pattern (though a sneaky stitch marker shift half-way through did result in quite a bit of frogging on the second reticule -- you'd think I'd make fewer mistakes the second time around...).

The drawstrings were quite an adventure (each one has to be twisted 300 times, and I had four of them!), and I looked for several alternatives before just giving in and following the instructions.  

The lining also proved a bit of a challenge, probably due to variations in gauge and blocking. I ended up coming up with my own design to make it work -- basically a circle with four "darts." The lining is dupioni silk (which I've had in my stash for about a decade!).

I finished these up just in time to send one to my sister for her birthday! I have so many fond "Jane Austen" memories with her, from reading novels to watching movies to visiting Jane's home and haunts -- excuse my while I reminisce...

Jane's garden at Chawton, 2007

Lyme Regis, 2007

PS -- I realized I have a bit of a backlog of knitting projects to post, so expect a few more posts in the near future.

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  1. Shannon,

    Your reticule is lovely! The lace pattern and mauve yarn are a stunning combination. I so enjoyed seeing the pictures of you and your sister. I began following your blog way back before you were marries and remember your posts about visiting England. Your Regency sewing was always so beautiful!



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