Monday, November 12, 2007

Time for hot chocolate!

Fall has finally arrived, accompanied by leaves blowing in the breeze, acorns falling from the live oak trees, and cooler temperatures. I have been reveling in all of the sights and sounds of one of my favorite seasons. One of my favorite pastimes is changing out my summer and winter wardrobe (a little premature, perhaps, but I still have some warm weather clothing in my closet!).

While stopping by our church on Friday afternoon, I snapped a few pictures as I experimented with my camera's different shooting modes:

The little acorn cap looks exactly like what I could see a little gnome or a flower fairy donning for the cooler months!

While I was fiddling with my camera, a group of squirrels in the oak trees above me were scurrying about furiously. They might have been chasing each other, but I think I was the unlucky offender that they were shaking their tails at threateningly! And I'm still not entirely sure that the showers of acorns that landed nearby were not aimed at me...

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