Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer in the Garden

Despite Rosa's small size, she has expanded my sewing horizons until they seem nearly limitless. She's been here less than a year, and yet I have already found ample reason to sit down at the machine and create. 

Summer is merciless in Florida, and since I'm rather sensitive to heat and sun, we spend most of our time indoors (poor Little Man!). But in this little sundress, at least Rosa can pretend she's in a garden! And the print is particularly appropriate considering her Internet nom de plume, no?

A simple little sundress, which was formerly a maternity top that I made during my pregnancy with Little Man. No pattern needed; just a quickly drafted bodice, a rectangular skirt with little "J"s cut out for the armholes, and a bit of sewing and hemming. The binding was salvaged from an apron, so it's not on the bias -- but it doesn't seem to matter.

I added a bit of Cluny lace to the hem, partly because I wanted the dress to be a bit longer. I do have to double-tie the shoulder bows, though, as Rosa is quite fond of tugging on them (with the intent of putting them in her mouth). 

This is such an easy, forgiving style -- it will fit Rosa all summer, I believe! I do so love dresses on my little baby girl. And even though she's mobile now (hurrah!), her little skirts and dresses don't seem to impede her movements in the least. But then again, she's a determined little thing.

Here's hoping the rain will stop, and we'll be able to have a proper romp in the garden soon!


  1. I love that touch of lace! Lace and roses on a little girl are always so darling. :)

    I'm very fair-skinned too and also stay a lot indoors. Though I'm sure the FL sun is a bit brighter than here on the North-East.

    1. Rachel, thank you! I think that bit of lace has been used and re-used on several garments I've made. It just keeps going :-)



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