Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Impromptu Sabbatical

I've returned -- at least temporarily -- from my impromptu blogging sabbatical. It was an unplanned and unconscious sabbatical, really. More of a "just-never-got-around-to-posting" than a "I-have-some-deep-and-meaningful-reason-for-my-absence" type of sabbatical. But it's actually been quite beneficial to me as our family has meandered through the various busies of life over the past month (colds, weddings, holidays, etc.).

And after a possibly unprecedented season of sewing mania this summer, I have barely touched my machine for the past few weeks -- I know, I know, after all that "here's how I find the time" stuff I posted just a short while ago! Quite honestly, I've had the time. I've just lacked the need and the motivation. 

A bit of bunting I made a while back for the nursery, using scraps of fabric 
that I've used elsewhere in the room. Speaking of the nursery, I should 
really get around to posting pictures, now that it's essentially finished.

My sewing machine will probably see some action this week, though, as Rosa is in desperate need of some winter dresses and skirts!

As it happens, my blog sabbatical coincided with a desire on my part to "unplug" a bit more. Since I don't participate in social media and don't own a television or smart phone, I've always considered myself relatively independent of technology. But when our Internet went down for a few days in October, I realized just how dependent I'd become on our computer! Part of that is legitimate (think e-mail for communication, Pinterest for recipes, and Google searches for quick look-ups), but I was shocked just how many times during the day I thought, "Oh, I'll go look that up on the computer!" Quite the wake-up call. While I never unplugged entirely, I tried to limit my computer usage. I deem my little experiment a success, because not only do I feel that I'm on the computer less, I also find myself with less interest in it overall.

I have plans for a gift bow tutorial -- and I'm hoping that writing it down here will finally give me the push I need to just do it. Christmas is fast approaching!

I trust you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!

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