Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Finery and Progress

I've developed a fascination with linen sheets of late, ever since I discovered their existence -- sadly, that's an expensive fascination, though apparently a good sheet will last many years.

And then, I remembered. In a box under our bed, we had a carefully folded top sheet and set of matching pillowcases, given to me at my bridal shower by a dear family friend. And not just any top sheet -- a snowy, antique French sheet with beautiful embroidery. My recent research made me suspect it might be linen, and my suspicions were quickly confirmed when I pulled it out.

Look at all of that incredible hand stitching!

I'd never used the sheet, considering it too precious and special to be subjected to wear and tear. In fact, it still had the tag from the fancy antique linen shop it had been purchased from. My reasoning, of course, was ridiculous. It was given to us to put on our bed, not under it. And why own something "too nice" to use? I delayed a day or two, then finally washed it and put it on our bed. The verdict? Not only is it beautiful, it's incredibly luxurious. It has a lovely weight and drape, and the way it breathes helps regulate temperature. I'd no idea sheets could be so lovely! I now need a bottom sheet, which I'm considering sewing myself. For now, it's a luxury to have some finery for every-day.

In other news, here's the current project on my needles:

It's a Harriet cardigan, in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Superwash Worsted. The color is Fjord Heather, and is rather lighter than it shows up in the photo. This little sweater is destined for Rosa once the cooler months arrive -- though it currently seems as though cooler weather will never come! The pattern jumps from 24 months to 4T, so I'm trying to size it in between. So far, so good -- though my ribbing looks untidy, a problem which will hopefully resolve when I block it. But there are a number of rows between now and then...


  1. This is so lovely. What a treasure to find in perfect time. Sleep well.

    And your sweater looks like it's off to a good start.

    BTW, I just found a sweet elderly sister in the Lord to be my teacher. She showed me a dress she made and offered to mentor me with my sewing. So glad for your continued inspiration and encouragement. So thankful for God's timing of this too. I'll be taking my sewing machine to her house on Monday. She teaches young teen girls on other days. I am blessed.

    By the way I've been meaning to tell you about what a blessing your guest post on my blog was last week. A sister at my church said that when she read it she was really encouraged because somebody she knows is going through a very difficult loss, similar to yours. We are praying for God to comfort this grieving mom and your post came to my church sister just in time for her to pass it along. What a great testimony you are and an encouragement to many, even way over here in California, far away from where you live, yet your words and your example are a blessing to those who you may never meet this side of heaven. Thank you!

    1. Beloved,

      I feel that I have been sleeping better, which has been such a blessing! And my sweater is now to the point that I have to start reading the instructions again -- I'm hoping I don't come up against anything I can't handle!

      I'm so glad to hear that you've found a sewing teacher -- it sounds like she has a wonderful ministry!

      Also, thank you for letting me know that my guest post was a blessing to your readers. It was my hope when I wrote it that it would minister to others (though I little realized how much writing it down would minister to me, too!). Your encouragement is so appreciated!



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