Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Gallery

After a brief stint of industriously assembling a gallery of my blog projects, I realized that it was taking far too much time and effort! Finding each post and obtaining a picture and a link for the gallery page (plus arranging them) was a bit of a drag. And thus, I sought an easier option -- namely, Pinterest.

Thoughts and Thimbles Project Gallery

Now, if you click on the Gallery tab on my blog, you'll be directed to the Thoughts and Thimbles Project Gallery, which will hopefully be easier to navigate (and easy to maintain!). I'm actually enjoying having a condensed visual representation of my projects. It's interesting to see how my style has altered over the past few years, and how life changes (marriage, kids, etc.) have affected my crafting habits.

 By the by, those of you who follow me on Pinterest should be eternally grateful to me for starting the gallery as a secret board until it was complete, thereby sparing your feeds from the 145 pins I added to the board in the space of a few hours. You're welcome. *wink*


  1. What a clever solution. I might have to borrow your idea sometime and collect all my projects, but I'd really like to catch up on blogging them all first.

    1. I hesitated to use Pinterest at first, since it seems weird to have a board of "my projects," but in the end it just seemed the easiest solution!

      Thank you for stopping by!



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