Monday, February 16, 2015


The past two weeks were a bit of a "forced" interlude from full-on packing, while Pablo was away for some military training. I took advantage of this time to finish up as much sewing as possible before both a newborn and a 1000+ mile move took over my life! My specific goals were to finish all of the baby's accessories, make our 2nd set of linen sheets (I've had yards of linen cluttering up my sewing room for months!), and de-stashing a bit while simultaneously filling out Rosa's summer wardrobe.

One de-stash project was a $1 navy linen Talbot's dress that I found at my favorite local charity shop. It's now a much, much smaller dress:

You probably recognize the oft-repeated, much-loved Izzy top by Teri at Climbing the Willow (you can see my others here). I love that this pattern can be made as a tunic or a dress -- or can turn into a tunic after a growth spurt! -- and can transition from warm to cool weather with the addition of a cardigan. 

This time I added a little ruffled "placket" to the front. And finally, finally, I got to use some of the buttons I've been hoarding for quite a while! I purchased a garment at the charity shop -- I don't even remember what it looked like, now -- just for three buttons fashioned from the ends of spoons.

I used one of the buttons for the back closure, but I still have one more to use when I find another *just right* project.

So I suppose this counts as a double de-stash/upcycle, since both the fabric and buttons were thrifted items from my stash. I have a feeling I'll be glad to have some dresses ready for the Spring and Summer, since the new baby is likely to limit my sewing time -- a most welcome interruption!

And now, off to pack some more!

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  1. How adorable! I love seeing your sewing projects. :)


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