Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Out of Doors

Sunshine, warmth, the most delicious fragrances wafting in on the breeze. Yes, it's Spring. The maple in our back yard has been showering us with clusters of "helicopters." The pollen is thick on the grass (bad news for my allergies! I gave up and bought some Claritin), so thick that I have to spray our windshield every time we go out just to see clearly. Our daffodils are blooming cheerily (pictures of those forthcoming!), and I've just discovered that we have bluebells by our back steps. 

We're still in temporary garden mode, but this year I'm trying my hand at a tomato plant. Here's hoping...

The weather is still finicky -- forty one day, seventy-five the next (no joke!) -- but on those golden, sun-kissed Spring afternoons... well, there's no better place to be!

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  1. Beautiful photos. Yes, Spring is such a nice time of the year. Always look forward to its arrival :)


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