Saturday, January 21, 2017

Winter White

We were snowed in for a few days after a storm blew through -- more "iced" in, actually. Snow doesn't bother me much, but ice is a different animal.

The perfect time for cozy breakfasts of homemade muffins with fresh sliced strawberries. 

And a determined snowman, despite the powdery, un-snowman-able snow (it was more of a "mound and carve" operation). His name is Nigel.

The littles have been waiting and waiting for the snow! Rosa and I found patches of clean snow to eat (one of my favorite childhood pastimes), but Little Man didn't care for the taste. He was more interested in launching chunks of snow at Daddy. Laddie tromped around happily, lasting far longer than I'd anticipated. His cheeks were quite rosy by the time went in!

The only ones who were not thrilled about the snow were the chickens, who stayed in their coop most of the time (what a mess!). I was relieved when the thaw finally came, for their sake.

But we did forget to make snow angels, so I'm hoping we get at least one more snowfall this winter! And I'm still holding out for some good, sticky snow so we can build a better snowman...

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