Tuesday, April 17, 2018

On Display (and Behind the Scenes)

We were treated to quite the show at the zoo recently -- it must be mating season for the peafowl, because all of the peacocks are in full plumage. Such stunning, unbelievable colors! What a glorious tribute to the endless artistry of our great Creator God.

Pictures simply can't do them justice. Of course, all of that finery requires maintenance:

The peacocks are quite tame, and allow spectators to approach. Who knew that a peacock had so many individual types and colors of feathers (apart from the gorgeous tail plumes)?

I couldn't help but smile, though, when the showy fellow in the top picture turned around -- the view is a little less exciting from the back! I suppose for every showy display, there's a "behind the scenes?"


  1. Great Pictures!! Isn't our GOD so creative and wonderful?
    I love the last comical statement to, so true and humorous.

    Have a blessed day.

    1. Glad you enjoyed them, Carie! :-) Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Shannon,

    These pictures are beautiful! There is a farm the next road over with quite a variety of animals. During the warmer months we are always sure to see their peacocks standing by the road. One is a traditional peacock blue, and the other is completely white. I have only seen them fan their feathers a couple of times, but it is impressive!



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