Sunday, August 01, 2021


These little marvels captivate me. No finch, chickadee, or dove dares approach when I'm standing a few feet from the feeder, but these fearless birds dart right past me to sip their nectar. Hearts beating 1,000 times per minute, wings flapping 80 times per minute, and fiercely territorial -- they're magnificent tributes to God's creative genius. 

I didn't see many at the feeder early in the summer, much to my disappointment. But when I discovered that three cups of nectar had "vanished," I grew suspicious. Sure enough, as soon as I covered up the flower at the back of the feeder, we started seeing hummingbirds regularly! We've nicknamed them "Hummybees," and seeing one perched in our tree (or involved in stunning aerial combat) is always a delight.



  1. What great pictures! Hummingbirds are challenging to capture. And aren't they spunky?

    1. Yes, they are so hard to photograph -- they come and go so quickly, and seem to be most abundant at twilight. I used my zoom lense and a mop handle as a "shooting stick," since I've mislaid my tripod! ;-)



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