Thursday, November 12, 2009

A New Winter Nightgown

After two winters, my "Victorian Trading Co." nightgown decided it had fulfilled its term of service. So with a sigh I pulled out my seam ripper, salvaged my vintage buttons, and gave it a decent burial.

So now that the nights have turned chilly, I needed a replacement. This time I used Butterick 5299. Take a look at the robe and nightcap options for that pattern -- just a little disturbing! *wink* Fortunately, the nightgowns are quite nice.

I didn't really have the time or desire to put a lot of effort into this project -- I just needed something fast! It went together in an afternoon, and came out better than I expected. The fabric was a $2 per yard quilting cotton that was sitting in my stash -- I had exactly the right amount for the nightgown.

I altered several things -- the first of which was the sleeve. I prefer elastic at the wrist to give me some flexibility, so I cut two bands (the same length as the bottom of the sleeve, and double the width that I wanted). I sewed the bands to the bottom of the sleeve, sewed the sleeve together, and then turned up the band. Since I had cut it on the selvage, all I had to do was pin it over the sleeve/band seam and stitch a casing for the elastic.

Also, I tried a new sleeve technique -- sewing the bodice shoulder seam, but attaching the sleeve to the bodice before sewing the bodice side front and back together.

And lastly, I used pre-gathered eyelet trim instead of gathering my own lace or fabric. Much simpler! I had three wood-look buttons just waiting in my stash, making this a completely "stash project." I think my favorite part of this whole project is the V-neckline!

So what's the price that you pay for quick delivery? Well, I should have cut it out a size larger (but it works), and I didn't notice that it was a one-way design until I had already cut it out -- but I won't tell anyone if you won't!


  1. Oh, it's so pretty! I really want a nice cozy nightgown. Maybe I can get one for Christmas. :)

  2. How funny! I'm in the midst of recreating your old nightgown and am using B5299 as a pattern base! (Could they have made the cover of that pattern uglier? But the nightgown lines are delightful.)

    Your new nightgown is very pretty. Looks like it's sure to give you sweet dreams. :)

  3. How pretty, Shannon!!
    I love that gathered lace,
    and the V-neckline looks great.
    I may have to get that pattern sometime! :)

    ~ Blessings,

  4. What a lovely nightgown! It looks cozy and warm, perfect for cold winter nights. I dont know how you do it, Shannon, but everything you sew it simply gorgeous :-)

  5. It's beautiful! I would like to make some nightgowns this winter - Yours is just lovely!

  6. It's lovely! You've made me want a cozy winter nightgown, too! While I almost always wear skirts during the day, for pajamas I tend toward pants. I don't know why. But this nightgown--yes, yes, I want one!

  7. Oh, and the robe and nightcap aren't the only things of questionable taste on that pattern cover--the stripes! Oh, my eyes!

  8. OH Beautiful!!!
    That pattern was already on my wishlist. Now I need to wait for a Butterick sale!

    Many Blessings to you!


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