Monday, February 22, 2010

Well, That Was Fast!

I was quite surprised by how many *very* close guesses there were on the "Mystery Giveawway" I mentioned yesterday!

And someone hit the nail on the head -- Cheri guessed correctly that I was making an E-pattern!

Yes, my Scallop Apron is now an E-pattern for sizes S/M -- hopefully L/XL will be coming soon, too. I had a delightful time formatting, drawing illustrations, simplifying instructions, and playing with fonts and details! But at last, it's all ready to go.

You can find it here in my Etsy Shop!

(Cheri, I'll convo you on Etsy to get your e-mail address -- congratulations!)


  1. Oh, how wonderful Shannon! :D (I didn't guess before as I could not think of anything that wasn't already suggested!) ;) Lol!

    I have always loved e-patterns myself, so I hope you'll have great success with these! :D Aprons are soo much fun to create! ;)

    Blessings in Christ!

  2. Oooo... how pretty, Shannon!! :)


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