Monday, December 17, 2012

What He Has Given

I'm marveling today at all the Lord has given me. Materially He has given me all that I need and more -- much more than some, much less than others. But He has also given me blessings that I value far more.

The gift of His Son, Who humbled Himself and incarnated himself in a virgin's womb.

The gift of my salvation and reconciliation to God, purchased at the price of His Son's suffering and death -- suffering that I deserved, and He did not. A gift that I did everything to forfeit, but received anyway by His grace.

I pray for this child...

The gift of my sweet family -- my loving husband, the toddler that helps me see my own sin and understand my relationship to God, and the sweet little one who is so relaxed and lets me cuddle her to my heart's content.

As I contemplate all I have, I realize that

every blessing has been given to me

every blessing is undeserved

every blessing points to the love of a God Who loves me for reasons I cannot comprehend 

As this busy season of the year flies past, I pray that I will not be too preoccupied to give thanks for God's many blessings. To Him be praise and glory forever!

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