Monday, July 22, 2013

Vintage Vintage

Being the granddaughter and daughter of seamstresses has its perks. Perks like learning to sew at a young age and inheriting my grandmother's vintage machine. And perks like vintage patterns and vintage fabrics! 

As it happens, this little ensemble for Rosa was sort-of handed down from her great-grandmother and her grandmother. The pattern is a vintage McCalls from my dad's mom, and the fabric is a dotted poly that my mom picked up in the 70's. And the sewing is mine! 

I scan all of my vintage pattern envelopes into the computer, so I can see at a glance
what I have in my collection without having to handle the delicate patterns. 

I made this long before I knew I'd ever have a girl! Sometimes I like a bit of baby sewing as a contrast to my usual fare (though I suppose now baby sewing has become my "usual fare").

I did modify the pattern a bit by adding a facing. The gathering instructions were a bit complicated, and my fabric was a tad thick for this project, so a facing helped keep everything in line. The polyester would NOT hold a crease, but fortunately it's not apparent when the dress is actually being worn.

A bit of cluny lace on the bodice and hem was the only trimming needed. Limited fabric eliminated the possibility of sleeves or the scalloped hem. But I think I like it this way.

I'm going to have to try this pattern again -- those scalloped hems are just too darling to pass up! But in the meantime, Rosa's enjoying her summery "vintage" dress, three generations in the making.


  1. What a precious dress, Shannon! Seeing these tucked away "hopes and dreams" come out for use is encouraging to me who still has little things saved for "someday."

    1. Thanks, Cheri! I'm glad this is encouraging -- I've found "someday" has a tendency to make a sudden appearance, so it's nice to be prepared. :-)



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