Saturday, May 03, 2014

That's What Little Boys Are Made Of

Sometimes I look at my Little Man and realize that I'm now the mother of a little boy. There's still a little bit of toddler left, but I can't deny that he's growing bigger by the day. And the more his vocabulary grows, the more I get to see of what goes on in his litte boy mind.

Our walks give us plenty of opportunity for adventure -- which to him currently consists of looking into grates, running down sidewalks, and talking to anyone he can. "Hey! We're on a walk! We're on the sidewalk!" As if everyone wants to know...

Obviously, this photo was taken a while ago -- we've ditched jackets in Florida!
He loves his "flight jacket" because it has patches like his daddy's flightsuit.

The new construction in our area has also provided a favorite source of excitement -- diggers in every shape and size (and even the occasional dump truck). We always have to stop to admire them.

I'm also amused by Little Man's quirks. He can be quite methodical and precise. Even down to the "parking" arrangements for his matchbox cars:

We've had such a blast trying out my childhood masks -- I still have a set of Beatrix Potter masks I received as a birthday gift when I was four or five. I marvel that they've survived over two decades! Little Man is a ham regardless of what mask he wears, but my favorite has to be Jeremy Fisher (largely due to the way he hops around saying "Ribbit! Ribbit!"). 

It's a weighty thing, raising a little soul -- a stubborn, hilarious, rambunctious, lovable little soul. He's always maing me laugh with the things he said. Today he asked what I was making, and I told him it was pain au chocolat. He replied, concerned, "Panda chocolate?" He also loves going with Daddy to the barber shop (which he calls the "toy bah-buh shop," because it has quite a selection of playthings) -- on a recent trip, he was given an Elmo doll to play with. He knows who Cookie Monster is, because he asked about him at the store one day. He thinks Elmo is also called Cookie Monster, but on this occasion he went a step further by calling him "Cookie Cutter." Pablo contends that "Cookie Cutter" sounds like some sort of gangster living on the "wrong side" of Sesame Street. I'm still just happy he doesn't know who Elmo is.


  1. How cute. Precious moments for sure. They do grow up so fast. Thank you for sharing with us :)

  2. Isn't it fun being a mom of a little guy? Juanito's a little younger and just starting to really talk...I love learning how he process things! And being outside is always an adventure. I love what your little man said about panda chocolate and that he loves wearing a flight suit like his daddy. What precious memories you're making.

    1. Yes, little guys are so fun! Already I can see that his brain works differently than mine. And sometimes I feel like I'm raising a teenager (aren't kids supposed to think you know everything until they're about 8?). I do so love getting to share all of these moments with him.



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