Friday, March 11, 2016


Sometimes, it's time. I'd had this project in my mind for quite a while, but for a long time it wasn't the time.

Here's the inspiration: A West Elm Notice Board -- for some reason, I loved the way there were three clips on one board. Simple, clean, and actually great for organization. It seemed like the perfect spot for keeping invitations, coupons, and those other little papers that just aren't ready to be thrown away yet but don't really have a place.

We happened to have a scrap piece of plywood, so all I had to do was round the edges with the band saw, give it a good sand, and apply some stain and finish. I got the clips from Michaels -- by using coupons, I got 2 packages for $5. I even have a spare, should I ever need it!

At first I tried using epoxy to attach the clips, but the strain of the springs was too much. So I glued a thin panel of wood behind the clips (and one lower down, to balance it while hanging) and screwed through the board. Worked like a charm! I went the "professional" route by using a black sharpie to darken the wood screws I used... Hey, it was cheap and took about sixty seconds.

Already, this board has fulfilled every hope I could have had for improving organization! It's nice to have a dedicated spot for those miscellaneous bits and pieces, and I do love the "triple clip" look.

If only all of my projects were this inexpensive and easy!


  1. That looks like a very handy thing to have. It will probably be even more useful as your children grow. My boys always seemed to accumulate a lot of paperwork for some reason. Very nice job!

    1. Thanks, Diane! I'm certainly hoping it will prove useful over the years!



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