Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Furry Friends

 I do so love the animals at Colonial Williamsburg -- cows, sheep, horses and what-not. Little Man scratched the nose of a little calf on a recent visit, which is a Big Deal for a boy that's a bit petrified of animals. Neither he nor Rosa were quite brave enough to touch the horse, but they eagerly scrambled around finding grass for me to feed him. Laddie, by contrast, smiles his biggest smiles when he sees animals, and becomes almost ridiculously excited when he's close to them!

I'd forgotten the softness and warmth of a horse's lips as they deftly gather the grass from an outstretched palm. On our next visit we wised up and brought about half a pound of carrots, which were very graciously received by our equine friends.

And no, he wasn't actually napping! But he does look so peaceful, doesn't he?

This snapshot is a few weeks old -- the trees are now covered with fresh leaves!

It's also lovely to have a more leisurely relationship with Williamsburg, now that it's a day trip (and one we can repeat as often as we like). We know where to park, where things are, and how much we can do in a day. There's no rush to see everything in one visit, which would be a hopeless task with three littles! A garden here, a house there. I ordered Mary Geddy's Dayso the Geddy house is on our list for the next visit. 

I'm so chuffed that my littles are learning to love Williamsburg as much as I do! Of course, it probably helps that we usually get a little treat at the shops (Chilled root beer is a favorite of mine, and on our last visit we also sampled some of the heritage chocolate). Little Man routinely uses words like "old-fashioned' and "old times" now, and I'm delighted that he's beginning to grasp a sense of history. 

And it's not uncommon for him to call out to a passing interpreter, "I like your outfit!"

For a mama with a fondness for historical costuming, that's a happy thought indeed!

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  1. You are creating such sweet and special memories with your children! It must be wonderful to live so close to Williamsburg. : )


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