Sunday, October 07, 2018

Merry and Bright

No, it's not Christmas yet, despite my choice of title for this post -- but it has felt a little like Christmas in my closet lately, as I've finally gotten around to sewing up some new garments and cleared out a few tired pieces.

But "merry" is more than just the mood of my revamped wardrobe! Because as soon as I found Merryweather in Floral multi knit by Arleen Hillyer, I was in love. I'm not kidding, I immediately searched for the best price online and placed an order. That is really quite rare for me, as I usually hem and haw over a fabric for some time before (possibly) taking the plunge. I didn't even have a pattern picked out yet! I just knew I wanted a dress. The fabric pattern was so cheerful and bright without being gaudy; feminine without being girly. I didn't try to resist, but I'm pretty certain it would have been futile...

You've heard the story of my trial run for Butterick 5242. I loved the mock-up so much that I wasted no time in cutting out another in my Merryweather knit. 

The Merryweather line is produced by none other than Birch organic fabrics, which is probably my favorite fabric company (not a sponsor, just a fan!). Which was probably another reason for my impulsive purchase. Impulse paid off, though, because this is one of my favorite dresses I've ever made.

I happened to have some Birch solid knit in "Mineral," and it was the perfect accent for the waistband, ties, and the demi-camisole I made to wear underneath. I followed the same plan for my last version of this dress: cut out a size smaller, graded to my usual size at the hips, an inch added to the hem, ties added to the sides, sleeves omitted, armholes and neckline finished with a self-drafted facing. I didn't need to make a single change from my mock-up, so this dress went together even faster than the last one. It was quite gratifying to see it come together so quickly!

I've already worn this dress several times, and it's a fast favorite. Just like the last one, the style is perfect for transitional wear -- early maternity, postpartum, and nursing. And I'm glad that's the case, because I'd hate to have to stop wearing it for any reason, however good! Though I don't know that I can pass this off as a winter dress, even with layering... Still, I can wear it a bit longer now, and pull it out again in the spring.

As I was sewing this dress up, Rosa was observing. She finally asked, "Do you have any more of that fabric?" Why yes, I do. "Do you think you could make me a dress with it?" Why yes, I think I could. And that is precisely what I did -- when your daughter asks for a matching dress, you don't say "no," now do you? Hers is a bit different in style, but you can see that for yourself... as soon as I get any decent pictures of it!


  1. It's a lovely print! And it does look very versatile for those different stages of motherhood.

    1. Thanks, Becky! It was a fun make -- I usually am too impatient to make mock-ups, but this time it paid off.



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