Monday, July 11, 2016

Things are Warming Up

I mentioned recently that my almost-4-year-old was still using her infant swaddling blankets at night. Lately (by which I mean "for several months") it has become difficult to cover her toes and her torso at the same time. It was time for a change! Not that she really needed a warm blanket in the middle of summer...

The blanket is made from Minky Lattice Soft Cuddle Rose Water (how's that for a tongue twister?!). You know I'm a natural fiber kind of girl -- linen and wool are generally my favorites. But I also love a soft blanket, and thought Rosa would, too. As it turns out, I was right. She describes it as "cozy," and the way she snuggles up with it is exactly what I was hoping for.

Besides, how was I supposed to pass up that subtle lattice pattern? And it really is unbelievably, incredibly soft. Laddie kept coming up and rubbing his face against it while I was working on it!

The blanket is lined with cotton sheeting, from Target's Simply Shabby Chic bedding in "pink paisley." Oddly enough, I was willing to buy minky fabric for one side, but insisted on 100% cotton for the other side! At any rate, I am very satisfied with the feel, look, and price of the cotton. The print is muted but feminine. I bought a twin sheet set on sale for about $20, which has left me with plenty left over to update the rest of Rosa's bedding once she moves to a larger bed. I probably would have paid much more for the same amount of yardage.

Cutting the minky was a pain -- so many "fibers!" I used this Self Binding Blanket Tutorial by Heather, and loved it. I had been trying to figure out how to bind the blanket (I'm not a fan of the traditional Wright's baby blanket bindings, but couldn't think of anything else), and this was the perfect solution. The only change I made was to use my own measurements (roughly 40" by 65" for the finished blanket) and to reduce the size difference between the two fabrics, which resulted in a narrower binding. Granted, sewing minky to a sturdy cotton was not ideal, but while there are a few "flaws" it came out just fine. I sort of forged through this project, just eager to be done!

This blanket is large enough to last for many years, and even once it's outgrown as a comforter it should work very nicely for a lap blanket. Rosa is usually full of questions while I'm sewing, but for once she didn't ask. So the blanket was a surprise for her, and it made the entire process well worth the effort to see the look of delight on her face when I presented it to her!

I'm now half-way through my recent fabric purchase (I have another linen skirt to post once I take some pictures!), and I'm determined to keep up the pace. Here's hoping!

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