Monday, March 13, 2017

This Little Pinny

When I saw the adorable Ayla Toddler Pinafore Dress by Blythe and Reese, I was charmed! So charmed, in fact, that I shortly set out to make one for Rosa.  After rummaging in my stash, I came up with the perfect fabric candidate -- a thrifted linen skirt in navy blue. I had just enough to eke out this little pinny:

With such a blank canvas, a little embellishment was the order of the day. In this case, a little bird in scrap cotton and linen (both left over from this Izzy -- and I lined the bib/straps with the polka dot cotton, too) :

I decided to make a few changes to the overall design -- I made the pinafore "bib" taper at the bottom, because I thought it was more suited to a small child. Also, I put all of the buttons that secure the bib to the skirt on the inside (the buttons are on the skirt, with corresponding buttonholes on the bib/straps). Oh, and this makes the bib reversible! If I make more using the same pattern, they could even be interchangeable.

This was a simple project to draft -- rectangles for the skirt, rectangles for the straps, and an (almost) rectangle for the bib! There was a bit of pondering to do to figure out the construction, but this was a relatively quick and gratifying sew. 

Most importantly, Rosa loves it (the bird was a big hit!) and generally wants to wear it as soon as it's clean again. And that's good enough for me!


  1. Shannon,

    This is so adorable! I love the shell buttons down the back. What a clever idea to make a pinafore with back closure so it can be worn as a jumper. I may have to copy this idea. ; )


    1. Sarah,

      I'm so glad you like it! I seem to have so many of those shell buttons that I've harvested from worn out or thrifted garments (when you find a $1 outdated dress with a dozen shell buttons...), and I just love them. I was thinking the skirt could be used by itself, but I didn't put any elastic in the waist so it's a bit too big for Rosa without the bib to hold it up -- something to think about next time! :-)

      Thanks for stopping by!



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