Sunday, November 25, 2018

Coming Into Port: The Starboard Sweater

I hadn't knit anything for Little Man in a while, so I decided a simple pullover sweater was in order -- preferably something gender neutral, so it can be used by all of his younger siblings! I picked the "Starboard" pattern by Alicia Plummer, and armed with my skeins of KnitPicks Cotlin (a 10% cotton, 30% linen blend) in Creme Brulee, I cast on.

I really thought I'd enjoy a simpler project -- This sweater is knit in the round, so it is primarily knit stitches. And while I certainly did enjoy the ease of being able to knit "mindlessly," I did miss the variety of having an interesting stitch pattern. 

I don't think the neckline gaps that much when Little Man is wearing it -- at least, I hope not!

In the end, I'm pleased with the result. I did forget to reduce my needle size at the body and sleeve hems! Fortunately it's not a big deal with the style of the sweater, and it's something I could undo and fix relatively easily. Not that I will... *wink*

My only change to the pattern was to omit the pockets as written, and add just one patch pocket at the end. I was a bit muddled by the pocket instructions, and I wasn't quite sure I liked the way they looked in the pattern photos. This was a simple alternative, and seemed to work even though I completely winged it.

I don't think CotLin "blocks" very well; it's supposed to be dryer safe, so I might give that a shot. But it's supposed to be a very casual style, and Little Man is quite pleased with it. I'm not elated about this project and doubt I'll try the pattern again, but I always learn something from each project and if I end up with a wearable garment at the end -- so much the better!

And best of all, when one project comes into port, it's time to start another...

Raveled here.

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