Thursday, May 12, 2022

Bits and Bobs for Baby Boy

Once we found out that our newest baby was a boy, it didn't take me long to pull out needles (of various sorts and sizes) and set to work! I do love crafting for babies (especially my own!) -- few materials required, lightning progress, and everything tiny and sweet. I save only the best hand-me-downs from previous babies, because I know I can easily restock with thrifted finds and handmade garments. The perfect excuse to let the creative juices flow.

Sweater: Summer Cardigan pattern from Jord clothing
Pants: Self-drafted harem pattern
Aviator hat: Made for Laddie almost 8 years ago
Rainbow teether: Couldn't resist!

This was my first time using a Jord pattern, as I found them only recently. It seems I have a preference for knitting patterns from northern Europe, which can sometimes be frustrating due to the language barrier -- happily, some of Jord's patterns have been translated into English! I instantly found about six patterns I wanted, but limited myself to just one to start. Garter stitch is lovely for a cardigan, because it practically eliminates purl stitch (which I just don't enjoy). Granted, I did modify the pattern to knit the sleeves in the round, which meant alternating knit and purl rows on the sleeves. But I didn't really want to sew them up later and baby sleeves knit up quickly, so I'm happy with the compromise.

Overall, the pattern was great and quite concise. Though perhaps a little too concise, as I did have some difficulty with the instruction to do an i-cord binding around the entire sweater! Having never done one before, I was a bit lost. But happily YouTube came to the rescue, and I now have another skill under my belt. It does make a tidy finish, though rather time/yarn consuming. I absolutely love the Marine Heather colorway in KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Tweed. This is another yarn from my "fairy yarnmother," and after using three skeins I still have plenty left! Five little wood buttons finished it off.

I'm not sure if I did something wrong, but there is a noticeable indent about an inch from the yoke, on one of the increase rows. I think I did all of my increases on the right ride (with garter stitch it's not always easy to tell!), but if I did it again I would increase on the wrong side because I think it's less visible. I may leave it, or I may improvise a little brown "stripe" detail with a coordinating yarn, probably using a crochet hook. It might be a nice touch! 

Next up was a little pair of linen harem pants in roughly 0-3 months size (I'm awful with sizing!), which I hope will match the sweater size. I had a pattern that I'd drafted for Scout, which I modified slightly. I decided to do cuffs this time, since I tend to have to roll the hems and don't love the bit of serged edging peeking out -- I almost always use white serger thread, because I'm too cheap to buy three coordinating thread cones, and too lazy to change it out for every project, anyway. So these pants got a thick cuff, which is rolled up about half-way in the photos. I'm hoping this will help them last longer, too, since I can roll/unroll the cuff as the baby grows.

The fabric is a beautiful linen from a Wiksten Tova hack that I no longer wear -- the bottom half was the perfect size for a wee pair of trousers. I enjoyed adding a few details like the faux placket on the front, and the real-but-entirely-useless pocket on the back. And teeny tiny wood buttons are so sweet!

I also made a more masculine cotton rainbow for little Kit, our long-awaited rainbow baby. He's been giving me a few nudges as I write this, the most miraculous feeling. Though his seeming preference for my bladder does worry me a bit...

A recent order of fabric means that Kit's wardrobe will be expanding a bit more! All that rapid growth over the first year of a baby's life means more sewing opportunities for mama, which I'm doing my best to cope with. *wink* Something to keep me busy while I wait and pray to hold this little fellow in my arms.

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